Denise Milani Bra Fitting

14 Nov

The beautiful Denise Milani boasts an impressive 34DDD bra size, while she claims this is her natural size, there have been many debates on that topic. But that is for another time. What’s important is that she has breasts that size. Meaning her bras must generally be specially made and reinforced in order to not cause severe back problems.

Selecting bras when you have guns as large as Denise must be either a real pain or a lot of fun. And something tells me Denise has a lot of fun doing what she does as based on the video attached to this post. This video was one of Denise’s first videos and one that really helped her blow up on the internet. Its simple in concept, Denise tries on different underwear and poses for the camera, but the way its done it makes the viewer feel like he or she is the friend/lover/boyfriend/husband/wife of Denise and she is putting on a little private show to display what she will be….well displaying later on.

This video is magnificent, I was hooked on her a bit before seeing this video but I think its a good introductory video for those unfamiliar with Denise, and for those who do know Denise this is definitely a classic. In my humble opinion in the same league as say “Citizen Kane”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Star Wars” and “Sound of Music”. While the lingerie itself isn’t mind blowing the body inside it is. This video seems so viral material now that I have to believe that was the intentions of it, make it look like a secret to make people feel special for watching it. And man did I feel “special”. I wonder what kind of bras generally Denise buys for day to day activities as

One Response to “Denise Milani Bra Fitting”

  1. Frans Botha June 17, 2016 at 3:22 pm #

    The most beautiful women on my list.

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