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I’m back?

19 Dec

I guess I’m back guys, at least for now! Had to post some more wonderful Denise Milani!

Now pull up a drink because I’m going to attempt to pay more attention to this blog!



Rejoice! We’re Coming Back!

16 Jan

That’s people after a long hiatus, Planet Denise is returning with brand new posts stay tuned as we bring you the latest Denise Milani, news, pics, videos and more! And of course we will be showcasing and analyzing the classics! Its a new day, now dance with Denise! She’s got a better booty shake than even Beyonce!

Apologies for the Delay

8 Mar

Sorry its been so long since I posted people, its been over two weeks, I’ve had work, gotten sick, been on a few dates and thus haven’t had time to write. Since I write for my job its sometimes hard to gather the mental energy to write something out, even if its something for the beautiful perfection. So please accept this picture as a token of my apologies for not writing, I’ll be posting more very soon to make up for the wait.

Sorry for the delay Denise

6 Jan

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted and spent time admiring the beautiful perfection that is Denise Milani but I have been traveling for work as of late and haven’t had much time with late night team meetings and such. But finally I got some alone time to look at some Denise and post this lovely gem she had on her facebook. Denise never ceases to amaze me, I think one day she should release a health and fitness book, with lots of pictures so us guys will have an excuse to pick it up. After all now we can tell the women in our lives were just trying to get into shape.

Give some love to Lucy Pinder

30 Dec

I know! This isn’t a Denise Milani post and this is a blog dedicated to Denise Milani, but calm down I just want you all to show some love to a site that has shown this blog some love. Lucy Pinder is a beautiful and naturally busty British beauty and she deserves respect and admiration as well. My dream is to one day have Lucy and Denise pose together, I know thats a pipe dream, but might as well through it out there that it could become the hottest shoot in the universe if it ever were to happen. So check out the Lucy Pinder Archives and bookmark it so you can keep coming back, don’t worry though I’ll supply you with two pictures this time. Denise and Lucy!

Denise Wants to Know My New Year’s Resolution

28 Dec

Denise earlier this week wanted to know my New Year’s resolution. I have several, like hitting the gym more. But one thing I also have a resolution for this year is to spend more time admiring Denise Milani. I think I said in a previous post I spent at least 5-6 hours a week admiring her, well I want more. I’m going for at least 10 hours a week admiring her. That will be 520 hours AT LEAST if I stick to that. So let’s see if I can do that people, I sure hope so. Its not like it won’t be too hard, no pun intended of course.


Hours Spent

16 Dec

How many hours have I spent in my lifetime looking at pictures and or video of Denise Milani? Some would say too many, I say not enough. Seeing as every week I spend AT LEAST 5 hours admiring her and that’s considered a low number if I took 5 and multiplied it by 52 (weeks in a year) I’d get 260 hours. Seeing as I’ve been drooling over Milani content since 2007 that’d be roughly 780 hours. But there have been weeks I’ve spent well over 20 hours admiring her, one week over 30. So I’m going to estimate I’ve spent over 1404 hours staring at Denise since 2007, and thats a conservative estimate. And not a minute wasted in my view. So how about you readers? How much would you estimate?

Giving Thanks For Denise Milani

25 Nov

Well its thanksgiving, the turkey is in the oven, I’m about to start cooking the sweet potatoes and mac and cheese. It should be a filling day, I love spending time with friends and family and watching football. Its a great American holiday that always puts a smile on my face. But something that really put a smile on my face was this photo that I woke up to this morning. Denise Milani showing off her prefect bod and wishing me and all her fans a Happy Thanksgiving. A happy thanksgiving to you as well Denise, have a good one. You’ve earned it, I know I’ll be giving thanks for having discovered you later this evening. Maybe in silence though, not sure what the rest of my family would think if I just blurted that out. Gobble Gobble!

Hope Denise gives thanks to God for that body.


Welcome to Planet Denise

12 Nov

Welcome to Planet Denise, if you would like to know more about myself and this page visit the “about” section located in the top right corner of this page. I am very excited that you have stumbled upon my site. Please feel free to look around and offer suggestions on what to do to make the site better. Until then here are some lovely pictures of Denise for you to admire.

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