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Denise Milani for Flex Pro

24 Sep

Watch this sure to be polarizing video of Denise Milani showing off her toned body about a year ago at a body building competition and then talking to the camera afterwards. It’s an interesting video, but I still miss the old Denise.


Denise Milani Lifestyle

13 Apr

Now as many of you all know I have been a part of the DeniseĀ  Milani lifestyle for quite some time now, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that she has finally caught onto people and made a facebook page displaying this fact. It has a lot of her fitness regiment and what she does on a daily basis, so for a fanatic like me this is a page that cannot be missed. If you are a Denise fan I suggest that you quickly like this page to get your Denise fix as she is posting never before seen photos on here like the ones below. I’m a part of the Denise lifestyle? Are you? And yes she keeps me in shape…..;)

Denise Milani at the Garage

4 Apr

I’ll admit it, I don’t know a ton about cars, sure I know enough to appreciate what a good car is. What a classic is, why its a classic and things of that nature but I’m not one of those grease monkeys/car aficionados. Denise Milani probably isn’t either not that it would matter either way to me, though she seems to know her way around the car. This is a simple but sexy set. Denise once again shows her superior modeling skills here with a simple outfit and making it incredibly sensual. Jeans look great and she does a good job pushing up her booty and showing it off. She really does a beautiful job displaying her mid drift and her melons are just oozing out of that shirt. The posing is pretty standard but effective. Sometimes standard is sexy, and Denise knows the importance of that.

B is for Booty

12 Feb

“B” is for Booty that’s good enough for me, “B” is for booty that’s good enough for me, “B” is for booty that’s good enough for meeeeeeeeeeeee oh booty, booty starts with “B”! Not sure what the “B” on Denise Milani’s shorts really stand for, and I don’t really care becuase in my mind it stands for booty and man does she got one. This pic was recently uploaded onto her facebook and its making my mouth water, I want that booty like I want a jar full of warm cookies….actually I’d be willing to give up cookies forever for one crack at that piece.

Ring in the New Year!

31 Dec

I can’t believe 2011 is here, 2010 flew by fast if you ask me! A lot happened too: BP Oil Spill, first female to win best director at the Oscars, Duke basketball reclaiming top spot in the nation, the world cup, Inception, Obama vs. the GOP, Denise Milani disappearing off the grid for a while, and so much more! Now at the very start of 2011 according to sources will be taking part in an appeal trial for her image, site and in essence her modeling career back. and I’m just waiting on pins and needles hoping she will return soon. Because let me tell you folks, her body is killing me right now, I dont think she has ever been in this good of shape, and if she returns to modeling in early 2011 the landscape is going to change big time! Look at that waist, look at that sheer top with her bra pressing through like prisoners in a cell! If she returns soon let 2011 be the year of Milani!

Denise Milani & Winter Workouts

23 Dec

Getting motivated to work out in the winter is tough for me personally. I usually like to jog for about an hour three times a week during warm weather but when the cold weather hits its hard to get up early in the morning. But Denise keeps me motivated for some reason, maybe its just her passion for fitness but whatever it is I’m always excited to get out there and stay in shape. Can’t lose my six pack, thats what helps me get the ladies. Let’s be honest fellas being a nice guy gets you nowhere unless you’ve got a bod and or a big wallet to go with it. Hey may not be rich but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Denise Entering Fitness Competition?

8 Dec

On her latest facebook post Denise mentioned she wanted to enter a figure competition. I say go for it Denise! Whose to stop you? And who in the world could beat you? Denise has the perfect body and I think you’d have to be crazy as a judge to choose anybody else over her. It’s a no brainer, I dont think anyone who reads this will disagree either. Follow your dreams Denise, and that should be an easy one to accomplish.

Giving Thanks For Denise Milani

25 Nov

Well its thanksgiving, the turkey is in the oven, I’m about to start cooking the sweet potatoes and mac and cheese. It should be a filling day, I love spending time with friends and family and watching football. Its a great American holiday that always puts a smile on my face. But something that really put a smile on my face was this photo that I woke up to this morning. Denise Milani showing off her prefect bod and wishing me and all her fans a Happy Thanksgiving. A happy thanksgiving to you as well Denise, have a good one. You’ve earned it, I know I’ll be giving thanks for having discovered you later this evening. Maybe in silence though, not sure what the rest of my family would think if I just blurted that out. Gobble Gobble!

Hope Denise gives thanks to God for that body.