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Denise Milani Black & White Boobs

21 Feb

I love this set of Denise Milani, this was done in a very nice black and white style with a black bikini. Denise’s poses are fairly standard new era in posing but there is an added sexiness, she didn’t phone this one in for sure. I also think her breasts look nice and plump in these photos. She’s obviously lost weight but her boobs remain the best pair on the planet.  I’m not sure why she wears a corset at the start one thing I miss about Denise’s shoots is that she no longer strips in her videos or in her photos. I would really like to see her try and go back to that style every now and again. But still she looks fantastic. Not to mention her booty is still poppin’!

Denise Milani’s Christmas Party

24 Dec

Meeting Denise Milani would be a dream come true for any red blooded male, but being invited to a party hosted by Milani, why that would be the dream of a million men. Denise posted this picture on her facebook today, talking about how exhuasted she was for preparing for a Christmas party. I’d be more than happy to help Denise cook, there is so much to do and I’m sure she could use my help. If not I’d just be happy to be there at the party, I wouldn’t be very social with anyone else I feel like though, she’d be the center of my attention and probably everyone else around her. Not too much time left until Christmas, still hoping Santa delivers me some Milani for Christmas.