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Denise Milani for Flex Pro

24 Sep

Watch this sure to be polarizing video of Denise Milani showing off her toned body about a year ago at a body building competition and then talking to the camera afterwards. It’s an interesting video, but I still miss the old Denise.



Valetine’s Day – Denise Style

14 Feb

Today is Valentine’s Day the holiday where the world celebrates love. Since Denise is the woman I love I’ll be celebrating valentine’s day by showcasing this sexy Denise Milani video. Watch her in this red hot corset, you’ll have a good valentine’s day one way or another.

Sorry for the delay Denise

6 Jan

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted and spent time admiring the beautiful perfection that is Denise Milani but I have been traveling for work as of late and haven’t had much time with late night team meetings and such. But finally I got some alone time to look at some Denise and post this lovely gem she had on her facebook. Denise never ceases to amaze me, I think one day she should release a health and fitness book, with lots of pictures so us guys will have an excuse to pick it up. After all now we can tell the women in our lives were just trying to get into shape.

Ripe Melons

3 Jan

You know how you can tell if fruit is ripe? Its not too hard, not too soft. Denise’s boobs look soft, but not too soft, and here they are being tested for firmness and “ripeness” you might say. Sorry I haven’t posted anything past few days, have been busy and had a lot of time to make up admiring Denise. So here she is with her ripe and firm, but not too firm. 😉 I’d love to farm that orchard.

Denise Wants to Know My New Year’s Resolution

28 Dec

Denise earlier this week wanted to know my New Year’s resolution. I have several, like hitting the gym more. But one thing I also have a resolution for this year is to spend more time admiring Denise Milani. I think I said in a previous post I spent at least 5-6 hours a week admiring her, well I want more. I’m going for at least 10 hours a week admiring her. That will be 520 hours AT LEAST if I stick to that. So let’s see if I can do that people, I sure hope so. Its not like it won’t be too hard, no pun intended of course.


Hours Spent

16 Dec

How many hours have I spent in my lifetime looking at pictures and or video of Denise Milani? Some would say too many, I say not enough. Seeing as every week I spend AT LEAST 5 hours admiring her and that’s considered a low number if I took 5 and multiplied it by 52 (weeks in a year) I’d get 260 hours. Seeing as I’ve been drooling over Milani content since 2007 that’d be roughly 780 hours. But there have been weeks I’ve spent well over 20 hours admiring her, one week over 30. So I’m going to estimate I’ve spent over 1404 hours staring at Denise since 2007, and thats a conservative estimate. And not a minute wasted in my view. So how about you readers? How much would you estimate?

Denise Milani Goes Green

10 Dec

Some people live their life trying to reduce their carbon footprint, others think Global Warming is a lie and that factories should be built anywhere and everywhere despite carcinogens. Well regardless of what you believe or don’t Denise Milani has gone green….with her clothes at least. And no matter which side you fall on in the Environmental Debate you have to admit green looks good on her.

I love the top she chose for this shoot, its tight and really accentuates her boobs, her nipples are jutting out of it too, which later became taboo and was heavily edited my her handlers with photoshop, something I never understood. The top is lovely on her, its conservative if worn by another woman, but on Denise nothing is not provocative. The bottoms are nice as well, classic in style but very sexy once again on her, giving a great look at her legs and thighs. The way she poses on the rock, is also incredibly elegant and arousing. So I’m going green, and I think the best way to do that is to make her take off those green clothes and go 100% natural, I’ll join in….

Denise has me in her black net

6 Dec

Denise has me under her spell as many of you probably already know. However Denise has me in her trap, her net. And in this video aptly named “Black Net” Denise showcases why I’m under her spell so strongly. The way she struts across in her bikini wear and the way the net bra almost let’s you see her nipples is quite the arousing experience. If you haven’t seen this video I strongly suggest you check it out, the weak minded me be brought to insanity since she teases showing her nipples so heavily in this video but for the people who can take it you will leave very very satisfied.

Her Cups Runneth Over

4 Dec

Denise Milani has big breasts, you’d have to be blind not to see that. But its their sheer size that is what makes them stand out. And to me they are an ideal size as far as big breasts go. They aren’t freakishly large, but there is also still enough meat on those honkers to satisfy anyone. I think I could spend 20 lifetimes admiring her breasts alone and their utter perfection. I love sets and pics where she buys bras and tops too small (something many women do) and it creates this image of her breasts just overflowing out of her clothing. You know the trick, but you keep coming back to the magic show anyway.

Denise Milani White Pearls

2 Dec

My daily Denise posting continues, so far I’m on track. Right now I want to share with you these lovely pics of Denise from her “White Pearls” photoshoot. I really like this shoot, the lingerie is cute and the white color mixes well with her rich creamy white skin. The pearls are also nice and add a sense of class to the shoot, but that’s not hard when the model is Denise.

Her boobs hang nicely in this bra, and the skirt type pantie is very stylish. I’m not sure I 100% love how the pantie looks with her ass, but from the front its perfect. I only wish in this shoot that Denise played around with the pearls a bit, to make it a bit more kinky. But its still a very well done set and I think most people will appreciate it.