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Denise Milani Black & White Boobs

21 Feb

I love this set of Denise Milani, this was done in a very nice black and white style with a black bikini. Denise’s poses are fairly standard new era in posing but there is an added sexiness, she didn’t phone this one in for sure. I also think her breasts look nice and plump in these photos. She’s obviously lost weight but her boobs remain the best pair on the planet.  I’m not sure why she wears a corset at the start one thing I miss about Denise’s shoots is that she no longer strips in her videos or in her photos. I would really like to see her try and go back to that style every now and again. But still she looks fantastic. Not to mention her booty is still poppin’!

Denise Milani – A Photographer’s Dream

30 Nov

Denise Milani is no doubt one of the best models on the planet, she is my personal favorite but I think even removing my bias she is one of the top models in the world. Recently Denise posted more photos on her official facebook page. These photos were done in black and white and I must say while I wouldn’t want all of her photos to be in black and white I do think she should try it out a bit more, it looks very nice and gives a great atmosphere to the photos.

I like these photos because it makes it look like she is in limbo, and it really allows you as the viewer to admire her beauty with no distractions. Now Denise has to just be a photographer’s dream. She has great proportions (perfect actually) and is top notch with her posing. I like the aesthetics of these photos and I hope Denise begins to attract a bevy of photographers because each photographer can bring in a new style to her modeling. Just a suggestion to Denise, explore photography options as it could lead to unique shoots and bring out the best of her.