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Denise Milani in a corset

5 Feb

Denise is one of the few women on the earth who doesn’t ever need to wear a corset to achieve an optimal hour glass figure but she is wearing one in this set anyway. Here a few samples from her white corset set from her official website. She is looking so great with her boobs overflowing out of her tight corset I just had to share!

g_DSC0099 g_DSC0159 g_DSC0174 copy g_DSC0192 g_DSC1292 g_DSC2482 g_DSC9455 g_DSC9774

Denise Milani at Irish Fest

18 Mar

As I write this article it is St. Patrick’s day and I thought to myself “what a great time to look at some Denise pics!” The Irish pics just felt right, in her tight green shirt that can barely support her shamrocks and that tight ass in those jeans that make me want to take Denise for a long and hard Dublin stroll. This set is great, Denise’s body is perfect here and her posture is unmatched. I have to wonder what people around her were thinking as she strut through this festival. I especially love one picture in particular where she bends down showing off her boobs. The Irish get a holiday so Denise’s breasts should get one too. Or we can wait until her birthday which will be National Denise Appreciation day at my place. But I’m getting off topic this set is just so sexy, her bod is fantastic and her cleavage looks great in the green color, the dress top does a nice job accentuating her top heavy curves making her tits look more full and plump than normal. The bra must also be serving somewhat as well. She has worn better jeans to show off her ass, but these jeans are still quite nice on her and show a nice slim fit on her posterior. I also really like the picture where she is diving her fork into the sausage on her plate, kind of a innuendo for the men out there. And you have to appreciate that. Overall this is a set worth taking a sip of green beer to.


Denise and her Sister

11 Mar

So actually if you read up a lot on Denise like I do you’ll know at this point that she apparently has a fairly large direct and extended family. Here she poses with her sister, I wonder what it was like growing up with a sister like Denise? Was there ever some jealousy about her looks? I mean don’t get me wrong her sister is very pretty in her own right but nothing compared to Denise, but no woman really is. Sibling rivalry perhaps? I doubt it, but still one has to wonder if her sisters avoid bringing their boyfriends around the house…. By the way special points to the man who knows her sister’s name 🙂

Apologies for the Delay

8 Mar

Sorry its been so long since I posted people, its been over two weeks, I’ve had work, gotten sick, been on a few dates and thus haven’t had time to write. Since I write for my job its sometimes hard to gather the mental energy to write something out, even if its something for the beautiful perfection. So please accept this picture as a token of my apologies for not writing, I’ll be posting more very soon to make up for the wait.

Ripe Melons

3 Jan

You know how you can tell if fruit is ripe? Its not too hard, not too soft. Denise’s boobs look soft, but not too soft, and here they are being tested for firmness and “ripeness” you might say. Sorry I haven’t posted anything past few days, have been busy and had a lot of time to make up admiring Denise. So here she is with her ripe and firm, but not too firm. 😉 I’d love to farm that orchard.

Luckiest Balcony Ever

7 Dec

Denise posted a new photo to her facebook again today, and of course I went to it like a bee to honey. But I instantly noticed something interesting about the photo, its very similar to a photo taken a while ago. Of course Denise is more conservatively clothed in this new one but thats understandable seeing as it was pretty cold in LA today. But still got me to thinking about the two photos and comparing them. (The old Denise pic is on the left the new one on the right).














So as you can see there are differences and similarities in these two photos. Denise is posing similarly over the balcony and her boobs look as plump as ever. Despite wearing a shirt in the newer one if you look you can clearly see her tits are straining to get out of the restrictive top. Her bra and breasts can be seen though the fabric, those are some darn powerful bazookas.

So which one do I like better? The one on the left of course. Her melons are spilling out of that top. Still I like the new one as well, they are both sexy for different reasons and it shows how she can make anything sexy. I just wish I was that balcony rail, getting to feel her soft breasts like that. I’m drooling just thinking about it. So I ask you all, which one do you like better?


Denise Got Dat Swagger

29 Nov

Excuse the bad grammar at the top of this article, but hey Ebonics is actually recognized as a real language. So I was just speaking to ya’ll in a foreign language in a sense. Or not really. Let’s not get on a tangent here. As you may notice I have been trying to post a new article everyday, I got this idea from the very well done susancoffey.net the author of that website posts something virtually everyday. I’d like to be like him, I believe that Denise is more than deserving of a post a day dedicated to her. So here I go.

Denise definitely has got swagger. If you don’t know what the words swagger means here is urban dictionary’s definition of it: Swagger is to to move with confidence, sophistication and to be cool. Swagger is to conduct your self in a way that would automaticaly earn respect. To dress in a very stylish and quirky fashionable way would suggest one is swagger.

I think its safe to say that based on that definition Denise has a lot of swagger. Her style is unmatched, her beauty unrivaled, she’s cool, she’s inspirational and she conducts herself in a way that demands respect. Being in the presence must be like seeing royalty, but something tells me Denise is still down to earth enough that it won’t even matter. That’s swagger. Look at Denise rock this hat, and swag it out.