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Valetine’s Day – Denise Style

14 Feb

Today is Valentine’s Day the holiday where the world celebrates love. Since Denise is the woman I love I’ll be celebrating valentine’s day by showcasing this sexy Denise Milani video. Watch her in this red hot corset, you’ll have a good valentine’s day one way or another.

Denise Milani in a corset

5 Feb

Denise is one of the few women on the earth who doesn’t ever need to wear a corset to achieve an optimal hour glass figure but she is wearing one in this set anyway. Here a few samples from her white corset set from her official website. She is looking so great with her boobs overflowing out of her tight corset I just had to share!

g_DSC0099 g_DSC0159 g_DSC0174 copy g_DSC0192 g_DSC1292 g_DSC2482 g_DSC9455 g_DSC9774

Does Denise even need a corset?

17 Jan

I mean think about it my fellow Milani Maniacs. (That’s what I’m going to start calling all of you, unless you don’t like it.) I also like the term Deniseaholic which I am one. Anyway here is Denise wearing a corset in a facebook picture, one has to wonder does someone as slim and busty as Denise even need to wear one? Its like her body already is one, nevertheless gotta love the woman for wearing one and pushing out her glorious breasts even further and tightening that already perfectly tight stomach and waist. She gives 150% all the time, and thats nothing to sneeze at when she could easily dial it in. But she seems focused on displaying the world’s perfect body and taking the human body to its absolute beauty limits!