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Denise Milani Lifestyle

13 Apr

Now as many of you all know I have been a part of the Denise¬† Milani lifestyle for quite some time now, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that she has finally caught onto people and made a facebook page displaying this fact. It has a lot of her fitness regiment and what she does on a daily basis, so for a fanatic like me this is a page that cannot be missed. If you are a Denise fan I suggest that you quickly like this page to get your Denise fix as she is posting never before seen photos on here like the ones below. I’m a part of the Denise lifestyle? Are you? And yes she keeps me in shape…..;)

Denise’s Favorite Color is Blue

10 Feb

Being the Deniseaholic that I am I was fascinated to learn that Denise’s favorite color was blue earlier this week. This color of course like all colors looks fantastic on her. It really accentuates her soft skin and complexion. The picture below is the same photo she posed in while proclaiming her favorite color to her fans. She then asked them what their favorite color was, many immediately answered blue. I can understand that, after all my favorite color becomes whatever she is wearing that day as well.

Sheer Top

4 Feb

I’m loving Denise in this sheer top, she posted this picture on her facebook earlier and I’m loving it. Her boobs are showing through quite nicely and that sheer top makes her look incredible. The bra is perfectly highlighted as it juts out from her chest and her pose is striking and flawless. Its a time like these I’m just happy I wasnt born 100 years ago and never got to experience beauty such as this.

Does Denise even need a corset?

17 Jan

I mean think about it my fellow Milani Maniacs. (That’s what I’m going to start calling all of you, unless you don’t like it.) I also like the term Deniseaholic which I am one. Anyway here is Denise wearing a corset in a facebook picture, one has to wonder does someone as slim and busty as Denise even need to wear one? Its like her body already is one, nevertheless gotta love the woman for wearing one and pushing out her glorious breasts even further and tightening that already perfectly tight stomach and waist. She gives 150% all the time, and thats nothing to sneeze at when she could easily dial it in. But she seems focused on displaying the world’s perfect body and taking the human body to its absolute beauty limits!


Red vs. Black

9 Jan

Denise posted these two photos on her facebook yesterday asking people which dress they liked better. I couldn’t decide, but maybe some of you can. Which of these dresses do you like the most?

Denise Milani & Winter Workouts

23 Dec

Getting motivated to work out in the winter is tough for me personally. I usually like to jog for about an hour three times a week during warm weather but when the cold weather hits its hard to get up early in the morning. But Denise keeps me motivated for some reason, maybe its just her passion for fitness but whatever it is I’m always excited to get out there and stay in shape. Can’t lose my six pack, thats what helps me get the ladies. Let’s be honest fellas being a nice guy gets you nowhere unless you’ve got a bod and or a big wallet to go with it. Hey may not be rich but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Does Denise Really Look At My Comments?

13 Dec

So Denise posted about a week ago this picture of her on the computer looking at comments people posted in response to her articles and pictures. I have to wonder if she really does look at all the comments or not, but who knows maybe she does. Who knows maybe she even reads this blog. Wonder if my obsession with her tits would make her blush, speaking of which….those tits look great in that top.

Giving Thanks For Denise Milani

25 Nov

Well its thanksgiving, the turkey is in the oven, I’m about to start cooking the sweet potatoes and mac and cheese. It should be a filling day, I love spending time with friends and family and watching football. Its a great American holiday that always puts a smile on my face. But something that really put a smile on my face was this photo that I woke up to this morning. Denise Milani showing off her prefect bod and wishing me and all her fans a Happy Thanksgiving. A happy thanksgiving to you as well Denise, have a good one. You’ve earned it, I know I’ll be giving thanks for having discovered you later this evening. Maybe in silence though, not sure what the rest of my family would think if I just blurted that out. Gobble Gobble!

Hope Denise gives thanks to God for that body.


Its Raining in LA

20 Nov

Today Denise posted on her official facebook page posted this today. Its her workout and suit, and man does she wear it well. Its good to see she’s still staying in shape during all of this, why we anxiously await her return to the internet doing photoshoots. I know I will have a 24 hour viewing personal private viewing party the day she officially returns.

Look at the curve in that ass and how her breasts come out, this is exquisite form!¬† Denise mentioned in her facebook post that it is raining today in LA as I write this the sun is coming out and drying out the rain like it never was here, but still I hope Denise takes the day to stay in shape she has the most perfect bodies on earth, I’d hate to see her lose it. But I think she is so dedicated to what she does it could never rain again in Southern California and she’d still be in perfect shape.