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Denise Milani for Flex Pro

24 Sep

Watch this sure to be polarizing video of Denise Milani showing off her toned body about a year ago at a body building competition and then talking to the camera afterwards. It’s an interesting video, but I still miss the old Denise.



Denise Milani Black & White Boobs

21 Feb

I love this set of Denise Milani, this was done in a very nice black and white style with a black bikini. Denise’s poses are fairly standard new era in posing but there is an added sexiness, she didn’t phone this one in for sure. I also think her breasts look nice and plump in these photos. She’s obviously lost weight but her boobs remain the best pair on the planet.  I’m not sure why she wears a corset at the start one thing I miss about Denise’s shoots is that she no longer strips in her videos or in her photos. I would really like to see her try and go back to that style every now and again. But still she looks fantastic. Not to mention her booty is still poppin’!

B is for Booty

12 Feb

“B” is for Booty that’s good enough for me, “B” is for booty that’s good enough for me, “B” is for booty that’s good enough for meeeeeeeeeeeee oh booty, booty starts with “B”! Not sure what the “B” on Denise Milani’s shorts really stand for, and I don’t really care becuase in my mind it stands for booty and man does she got one. This pic was recently uploaded onto her facebook and its making my mouth water, I want that booty like I want a jar full of warm cookies….actually I’d be willing to give up cookies forever for one crack at that piece.

Denise’s Black Stocking’s

16 Jan

Again I apologize for not posting in such a long while, work has been murder. Still figured I’d post this old but bonafied classic set of Denise Milani. It was one of her early shoots and remains one of her signature videos. For a while I think this set was considered the modeling equivalent of a business card for Denise. This set is really great for a bevy of reasons, first the outfit itself is sexy. I like garter belts and nobody wears them better than she does. The bra she wears also allows her nipples to come through quite nicely, she looks fit, her ass is in perfect condition, great posing and arching of her body. What more could you ask for? If I owned a museum I’d dedicate a whole wing to this set, who knows maybe one day I’ll have a Denise museum, heck I suppose that’s what I have now.

Sorry for the delay Denise

6 Jan

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted and spent time admiring the beautiful perfection that is Denise Milani but I have been traveling for work as of late and haven’t had much time with late night team meetings and such. But finally I got some alone time to look at some Denise and post this lovely gem she had on her facebook. Denise never ceases to amaze me, I think one day she should release a health and fitness book, with lots of pictures so us guys will have an excuse to pick it up. After all now we can tell the women in our lives were just trying to get into shape.

Denise Milani & Winter Workouts

23 Dec

Getting motivated to work out in the winter is tough for me personally. I usually like to jog for about an hour three times a week during warm weather but when the cold weather hits its hard to get up early in the morning. But Denise keeps me motivated for some reason, maybe its just her passion for fitness but whatever it is I’m always excited to get out there and stay in shape. Can’t lose my six pack, thats what helps me get the ladies. Let’s be honest fellas being a nice guy gets you nowhere unless you’ve got a bod and or a big wallet to go with it. Hey may not be rich but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.