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Denise Milani for Flex Pro

24 Sep

Watch this sure to be polarizing video of Denise Milani showing off her toned body about a year ago at a body building competition and then talking to the camera afterwards. It’s an interesting video, but I still miss the old Denise.


Denise Milani Lifestyle

13 Apr

Now as many of you all know I have been a part of the DeniseĀ  Milani lifestyle for quite some time now, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that she has finally caught onto people and made a facebook page displaying this fact. It has a lot of her fitness regiment and what she does on a daily basis, so for a fanatic like me this is a page that cannot be missed. If you are a Denise fan I suggest that you quickly like this page to get your Denise fix as she is posting never before seen photos on here like the ones below. I’m a part of the Denise lifestyle? Are you? And yes she keeps me in shape…..;)

Denise Entering Fitness Competition?

8 Dec

On her latest facebook post Denise mentioned she wanted to enter a figure competition. I say go for it Denise! Whose to stop you? And who in the world could beat you? Denise has the perfect body and I think you’d have to be crazy as a judge to choose anybody else over her. It’s a no brainer, I dont think anyone who reads this will disagree either. Follow your dreams Denise, and that should be an easy one to accomplish.