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Denise Milani Lifestyle

13 Apr

Now as many of you all know I have been a part of the DeniseĀ  Milani lifestyle for quite some time now, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that she has finally caught onto people and made a facebook page displaying this fact. It has a lot of her fitness regiment and what she does on a daily basis, so for a fanatic like me this is a page that cannot be missed. If you are a Denise fan I suggest that you quickly like this page to get your Denise fix as she is posting never before seen photos on here like the ones below. I’m a part of the Denise lifestyle? Are you? And yes she keeps me in shape…..;)

Denise Milani – Rise of the Silver Surfer?

29 Dec

I wish I could make a big budget film starring Denise Milani. Maybe I could make a remake of “Rise of the Silver Surfer” but this time make it cool. Take out the Fantastic Four and just have Denise Milani in this sizziling silver bikini the entire movie, maybe through in a few baddies here and there for her to beat up or shoot at. I don’t think the audience would mind if she was just walking around the entire time for 90 minutes. Who knows? I know I’d be first in line, and it’d probably get better reviews that the original “Silver Surfer”. Come on Hollywood, this movie concept basically smells of money.

Less Than 12 Days Until Christmas…

14 Dec

There are less than 12 days until Christmas. Now I’m not sure how it became important to start marking it down once it was 12 days or less but regardless there are less than 12 days until Christmas. Now I could talk about Hanukkah but I don’t know much about the holiday to be quite honest and Denise is Christian, so I doubt she knows much either. Anyway while I wont be posting a Christmas themed post every day leading up to the holiday I thought this was a good time to post one of Denise’s old but very festive photoshoots.

This shoot is really fun. Denise acts like she is a present, and man what a gift that would be for any man Christmas morning. Or any morning. Denise’s boobs as usual look great in her bra, they are plump and perky. Her body is looking fit, maybe not enough booty shots but still a good amount to keep me satisfied, she looks like she is having a blast while shooting everything and the pictures sure are giving me a good time. So less than 12 days people, what will you ask Santa for?

Welcome to Planet Denise

12 Nov

Welcome to Planet Denise, if you would like to know more about myself and this page visit the “about” section located in the top right corner of this page. I am very excited that you have stumbled upon my site. Please feel free to look around and offer suggestions on what to do to make the site better. Until then here are some lovely pictures of Denise for you to admire.

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