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Denise Milani Black & White Boobs

21 Feb

I love this set of Denise Milani, this was done in a very nice black and white style with a black bikini. Denise’s poses are fairly standard new era in posing but there is an added sexiness, she didn’t phone this one in for sure. I also think her breasts look nice and plump in these photos. She’s obviously lost weight but her boobs remain the best pair on the planet.  I’m not sure why she wears a corset at the start one thing I miss about Denise’s shoots is that she no longer strips in her videos or in her photos. I would really like to see her try and go back to that style every now and again. But still she looks fantastic. Not to mention her booty is still poppin’!

Denise Milani – Rise of the Silver Surfer?

29 Dec

I wish I could make a big budget film starring Denise Milani. Maybe I could make a remake of “Rise of the Silver Surfer” but this time make it cool. Take out the Fantastic Four and just have Denise Milani in this sizziling silver bikini the entire movie, maybe through in a few baddies here and there for her to beat up or shoot at. I don’t think the audience would mind if she was just walking around the entire time for 90 minutes. Who knows? I know I’d be first in line, and it’d probably get better reviews that the original “Silver Surfer”. Come on Hollywood, this movie concept basically smells of money.

Pinup Files: Pink

16 Nov

This photoshoot was pretty iconic when it first came out, I’d say now though it has lost a bit of its luster. All things considered however it is still a marvelous shoot. Denise probably put pinup files on the map in a way the company had only dreamed of until she agreed to do a shoot for them. Despite only doing a few shoots for the company they still prominently feature her on advertisements for the site.

Looking at this set its not as impressive as it was when I first laid eyes on it, but being a Denise set its still better than what most women could ever dream of. The bra is nice, so is the outfit, its cute and frilly. Giving off this very fun feel. Denise poses well for the camera accentuating her breasts quite nicely. I don’t like how the outfit rides on her ass, it looks weird in this shoot for some reason. Also you can tell this is an earlier shoot as Denise is not as slimmed down as she is now especially in the thigh area, but it also shows just how muscular the woman is. In a good way.

The lighting is very glossy Pinupfiles uses this a lot, they are afterall pinups and so they are made to have this very bright and laminated feel to each picture. Its consistent with the flow of the site and the other models. While pinup has other great models and shoots none except maybe the Jordan Carver set have ever come close to being as sexy as the ones Denise has done for them, this one isn’t the best on the Denise Milani scale but when weighed against other models whom are all vastly sub par in comparison it is near perfection.