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Valetine’s Day – Denise Style

14 Feb

Today is Valentine’s Day the holiday where the world celebrates love. Since Denise is the woman I love I’ll be celebrating valentine’s day by showcasing this sexy Denise Milani video. Watch her in this red hot corset, you’ll have a good valentine’s day one way or another.

Denise Milani in a corset

5 Feb

Denise is one of the few women on the earth who doesn’t ever need to wear a corset to achieve an optimal hour glass figure but she is wearing one in this set anyway. Here a few samples from her white corset set from her official website. She is looking so great with her boobs overflowing out of her tight corset I just had to share!

g_DSC0099 g_DSC0159 g_DSC0174 copy g_DSC0192 g_DSC1292 g_DSC2482 g_DSC9455 g_DSC9774

B is for Booty

12 Feb

“B” is for Booty that’s good enough for me, “B” is for booty that’s good enough for me, “B” is for booty that’s good enough for meeeeeeeeeeeee oh booty, booty starts with “B”! Not sure what the “B” on Denise Milani’s shorts really stand for, and I don’t really care becuase in my mind it stands for booty and man does she got one. This pic was recently uploaded onto her facebook and its making my mouth water, I want that booty like I want a jar full of warm cookies….actually I’d be willing to give up cookies forever for one crack at that piece.

Denise’s Favorite Color is Blue

10 Feb

Being the Deniseaholic that I am I was fascinated to learn that Denise’s favorite color was blue earlier this week. This color of course like all colors looks fantastic on her. It really accentuates her soft skin and complexion. The picture below is the same photo she posed in while proclaiming her favorite color to her fans. She then asked them what their favorite color was, many immediately answered blue. I can understand that, after all my favorite color becomes whatever she is wearing that day as well.

Sheer Top

4 Feb

I’m loving Denise in this sheer top, she posted this picture on her facebook earlier and I’m loving it. Her boobs are showing through quite nicely and that sheer top makes her look incredible. The bra is perfectly highlighted as it juts out from her chest and her pose is striking and flawless. Its a time like these I’m just happy I wasnt born 100 years ago and never got to experience beauty such as this.

Does Denise even need a corset?

17 Jan

I mean think about it my fellow Milani Maniacs. (That’s what I’m going to start calling all of you, unless you don’t like it.) I also like the term Deniseaholic which I am one. Anyway here is Denise wearing a corset in a facebook picture, one has to wonder does someone as slim and busty as Denise even need to wear one? Its like her body already is one, nevertheless gotta love the woman for wearing one and pushing out her glorious breasts even further and tightening that already perfectly tight stomach and waist. She gives 150% all the time, and thats nothing to sneeze at when she could easily dial it in. But she seems focused on displaying the world’s perfect body and taking the human body to its absolute beauty limits!


Denise’s Black Stocking’s

16 Jan

Again I apologize for not posting in such a long while, work has been murder. Still figured I’d post this old but bonafied classic set of Denise Milani. It was one of her early shoots and remains one of her signature videos. For a while I think this set was considered the modeling equivalent of a business card for Denise. This set is really great for a bevy of reasons, first the outfit itself is sexy. I like garter belts and nobody wears them better than she does. The bra she wears also allows her nipples to come through quite nicely, she looks fit, her ass is in perfect condition, great posing and arching of her body. What more could you ask for? If I owned a museum I’d dedicate a whole wing to this set, who knows maybe one day I’ll have a Denise museum, heck I suppose that’s what I have now.

Sorry for the delay Denise

6 Jan

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted and spent time admiring the beautiful perfection that is Denise Milani but I have been traveling for work as of late and haven’t had much time with late night team meetings and such. But finally I got some alone time to look at some Denise and post this lovely gem she had on her facebook. Denise never ceases to amaze me, I think one day she should release a health and fitness book, with lots of pictures so us guys will have an excuse to pick it up. After all now we can tell the women in our lives were just trying to get into shape.

Wishing Denise a Happy Christmas

25 Dec

Just wishing Denise and all her fans a very merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah if you are Jewish. Hopefully next Christmas I’ll be able to snuggle next to her as I open up my presents. I’d buy the world for her so that could be her present.

Denise Milani – A Photographer’s Dream

30 Nov

Denise Milani is no doubt one of the best models on the planet, she is my personal favorite but I think even removing my bias she is one of the top models in the world. Recently Denise posted more photos on her official facebook page. These photos were done in black and white and I must say while I wouldn’t want all of her photos to be in black and white I do think she should try it out a bit more, it looks very nice and gives a great atmosphere to the photos.

I like these photos because it makes it look like she is in limbo, and it really allows you as the viewer to admire her beauty with no distractions. Now Denise has to just be a photographer’s dream. She has great proportions (perfect actually) and is top notch with her posing. I like the aesthetics of these photos and I hope Denise begins to attract a bevy of photographers because each photographer can bring in a new style to her modeling. Just a suggestion to Denise, explore photography options as it could lead to unique shoots and bring out the best of her.