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Valetine’s Day – Denise Style

14 Feb

Today is Valentine’s Day the holiday where the world celebrates love. Since Denise is the woman I love I’ll be celebrating valentine’s day by showcasing this sexy Denise Milani video. Watch her in this red hot corset, you’ll have a good valentine’s day one way or another.

Denise Milani Seductress

26 Dec

Now the sad thing about posting Denise Milani videos on this site is that you never know how long the videos will stay up, but here I am hoping that this video will manage to stay alive for a long time to come. I love this vid of Denise she looks so sexy and well….full. Cameraman did a great job, not sure how you’d concentrate whether straight man or gay man or straight woman or lesbian woman. There is no way you wouldn’t have to at the very least marvel at her body and her skills on a pole. But then again of course I’m talking about the world’s most beautiful woman, its like that everywhere she goes.


Denise Milani on a Honda Bike

28 Nov

I know what you all are thinking, how did I even notice the motorcycle was made by Honda when such a hot woman was riding on it. Well I’ve studied the pictures a lot and eventually I just realized it. This is one of Denise’s early sets and its a good one, though I suppose 99% of them are anyway. Yes there are some I don’t like, but another time people, another time. Maybe you should subscribe to this site via e-mail to make sure you are notified when I actually am more critical of a photoshoot, but for now I offer nothing but high accolades.

The bike set is cool but its Denise really showing her sexy side, being a bit rebellious and not as conservative with her poses as she got in probably the last 6 months of her shoots. Though that may have had more to do with her handlers than her, I doubt she would willingly limit her style and modeling abilities. She comes off as too much of a worker for that. Anyway I like the lingerie she wears in this set, and how it matches with the color of the bike. The thong is a good choice here, it really shows off her bum fantastically and just seems like something a biker chick would wear. The posing is also magnificent as touched on earlier, its hard when you are limited to one area to keep each picture fresh and interesting, but Denise manages and really makes the set memorable and exciting.

In short whether you are viewing a classic or this lovely set for the first time you should enjoy Denise Milani on a red bike. Made by Honda.